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A Rational Fear

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Welcome writer, director, host and dear friend Dan Ilic.

Watch Dan and some of Australia’s best comedians savage the news in his satirical comedy show ‘A Rational Fear’ - When mainstream media makes you afraid of the world, A Rational Fear is the show that helps you understand what you should really be scared of. Think a daily show, but not daily and more like Q&A on crack.


The show rips into the news with a strong editorial eye, some serious interviews, as well as lots of laughs with some of the biggest names in comedy, from Josh Lawson, Will Anderson, Lewis Hobba, Cameron James, Michael Hing and many many many more.


The show has gone from a podcast, to broadcast on Sydney's FBI radio, to national broadcast on Radio National, to selling out the Opera House. So… what's next… TV? Well as Dan quite eloquently puts it;

“Don’t be ridiculous. Commercial TV networks are run by mining magnate, media mogul, casino barons and much to our surprise they seemingly don’t like jokes about mining, media, or casinos… or phone tapping for that matter. Then there are the public broadcasters but they don’t have any money.”

So the only place left for A Rational Fear is right here on the internet. As a multi-platformed hub for Australian political satire, you can experience it Live, via podcasts streaming services and youtube. So sit back and get into it, it's a joyous experience.

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