Interactive / Content




Semi-Permanent has partnered with Google on a number of occasions to connect with their audiences.

Referenced as the must-see experience of the Semi-Permanent event, Cube was an interactive installation launched and hosted in a large exhibition space at Carriage works as part of Sydney's event.

A 4.5m wide projection of the interactive Cube dominated Track Eight’s 380 square metre space, adjacent to the main talks room.

On the Cube, was a carefully wrapped six-sided film that was precisely created in Los Angeles by award-winning directors Steve Ayson and Damien Shatford.

The film was a redefining moment in digital storytelling and narrative experiences. Following the story of six symbolic characters who tell the stories of life through ‘the quest’, ‘rags to riches’, ‘revival’ etc, the film was a choose-your-own-adventure experience for the live audience at the Semi-Permanent event. The formate was then later developed to work as an online platform where users could select from multiple sources of content to create their own visual and audio narratives.


Client: Google

Creative Directors: TL Uglo

Experience Director: Murray Bell

Cube Design: Henry Wilson

Directors: Steve Ayson, Damian Shatford

Production: The Sweet shop