Loretta Cosgrove
Art Director



She calls herself an Art Director, we call her a Genius.

Loretta’s experience and excellence as an art director is nothing short of incredible. She has an extensive portfolio of work that extends across feature films, TV, TVC’s, installations, activations and events. A craftsman and problem solving creative in all areas of Art Direction: Construction, props, dressing, special effects, vehicles, armory, livestock, graphics, and scenic.

Her work with the Glue Society alone, ANZ GAYTM’s, Nissan Leaf Exhibition, and NRMA’s Car Creation has received multiple awards nationally and internationally. Let along with her work on feature films and TV shows such as Narnia, Australia, Last Cab to Darwin and Redfern Now.

We’re excited to share with you some of her incredible portfolio and have her as part of our network.

For more got to: www.locoartdirection.com.au



with Glue Society.



Nissan Leaf Exhibition

with WillORourke & The Glue Society




NRMA Car Creation

with Glue Society




Aldi ‘Tuna’

Director Jeff Low




Last Cab to Darwin

Art Direction


The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.

Art Department