Australian Open

Installation / DATA visualisation

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As a key sponsor of the Australian Open, Mastercard wanted to host a premium hospitality and digital experience on-ground at the Australian Open.

The brief was to create a space to entertain Mastercard’s executives B2B clients and to communicate Mastercards evolution as a business from a payments company into market leaders in Fintech.




The suite was designed by architectural and interiors firm ACME & Co, the designers behind many of Sydney’s most recognisable establishments such as The Grounds of Alexandria, Fred’s, Archie Rose Distillery and more.

Centred around an open bar, the interior space was designed to evoke a social and relaxing environment for guests to enjoy refreshments and socialise with other guests.
At the far end banquette seating and workspaces were installed where guests could find a quiet retreat to make calls and where Mastercard could hold presentations to clients.
At the rear of the space was an exterior deck with casual outside seating tucked away amongst greenery, here guests were also invited to complimentary massages by One & Only Spa’s.

Additionally, to communicate the brand's evolution into Fintech, Mastercard wanted to position itself as a sophisticated and innovative company. To do so we created two digital art installations. An exterior 8x6 meter screen representing data captured by Hawk-eye called ‘Forces at Play’ and internal 5-meter long display of Mastercard’s detailed transactional data, called ‘Journeys’.




Forces at Play is a visualisation of the greatest rallies from the last three years of the Australian Open. Created by artist and creative technologist Mike Daly in collaboration with Rabbit Studio.




The work was driven by Hawk-Eye data, which tracks the trajectory of the ball and players during each match. These coordinates were then used to retell experiences of tennis as kinetic architectural forms.


The data-driven animation was displayed on a large-scale 8x6 meter LED screen wall that served as the front facade to Mastercard’s VIP Lounge next to Rod Laver Arena along the berm, at the Australian Open.




Journey's is a 5-meter long digital installation, that extends the length of the entrance corridor to the Mastercard hospitality suite.

Mike Daly took Mastercard’s detailed transactional data and extracted specific data that represented global transactions into Melbourne over the tournament period of the last three Australian Open grand slams.

At varying intervals along the screen, fine vertical lines represent countries, distributed according to their distance from Melbourne - At the start of the corridor is furthest from Melbourne (Portugal, Morocco, Gibraltar...) and the end of the corridor are the countries closest to Melbourne (Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand), with the closest being Australia.


Coloured particles then emit from different parts of the screen, representing expenditures into Melbourne during January (AO Season). Each particle is born from the line representing the country where the credit or debit card was issued. The height of where the particle begins its journey represents the industry/category in which the expense was made.

The 98 industries are presented alphabetically from top to bottom (from Accommodations to Women's Apparel).

The transactions elegantly float as if living moments of energy, from their starting point down the corridor 'towards Melbourne’.

Corridor Still 3.jpeg

Production / Creative: Rabbit

Onsite Production: Frank Wilde / Groundswell

Suite Design: Acme & Co

Creative Technologist / Artists: Mike Daly

Agency: Octagon